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  • Pilot (Japan) Jacob Coller and Maki Mannami

    Pilot (Japan) Jacob Coller and Maki Mannami
    1. Both Sides Now

    2. I’ve Seen It All

    3. End of the World

    4. Naima

    5. Smocrian

    6. Hallelujah

    7. Send in the Clowns

    8. Opus 28

    9. Frame by Frame

    10. Gilberto’s Fantastic Safari Part2

  • The World of Sense (Japan)

    The World of Sense (Japan)
    1. The World of Sense

    2. Turquoise Blue

    3. Astral Gate

    4. Profound Knowledge about Music Technology

    5. The Woman from Marusa

    6. Stupid Girl

    7. Lotus Sun

    8. Antes De Nacer

    9. Vida Espiral Feat.ksk Arita(Rockamenco)

    10. Primitive Rebirth-prologue

    11. Primitive Rebirth Feat.kikuchi Naruyoshi

    12. Time to Say Goodbye with Agf

  • Journey of Higher Self Liberation (Japan)

    Journey of Higher Self Liberation (Japan)
    1. From Zero Point to The Milestone

    2. Renacer

    3. Power and Force

    4. Crystallized Wind

    5. Sound of Dawn -Dedicated to Tadayuki Naito’s Picture "Blue Lotus"-

    6. Disguise

    7. Justice and Judgment (Subliminal Version)

    8. Inner Earth

    9. Moon Palace (Last Utopia Version)

  • Justice and Judgment (UK)

    Justice and Judgment (UK)

    Label : Bambola Recordings (BAM004)
    Released : 2004
    Format : Vinyl, 12"

    "A very thoughtful piece of work. New York meeting with Japan; Laurie Anderson meeting with fusion. Maki reveals an enviable zest for minimalistic yet harmonious avant-garde scenarios, supported by evocative jazz quotations.Plus of course the fortunate gift of a deeply suggestive voice.The electronic bits framing the album never interfere with its lyrical breath. A somber, nocturnal title-track (Justice And Judgement) has the piano atmospherically setting the tone; in ‘Crucible,’ scales multiply into a delicate cascade of Japanese taste (and echoes of Debussy?) then blend into a breeze of syncopated drumming. Maki Mannami’s soulful and self-contained debut-album is a little piece of jewelry." (Lara Bellini / BBC Radio)